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The Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC) is currently seeking presentations for our Annual Joint DIF/SIU Conference in Orlando, Florida June 10-12, 2020 on the following workshop topics:


5 hour Law & Ethics Update


FIFEC is extending an invitation for qualified speakers to offer the Florida 5-620 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update Course during the 2020 conference.  To accommodate this offering into the FIFEC conference schedule, the course would be presented over three 100-minute class sessions of which 250 minutes of instruction should meet Florida’s 5-hour class requirements, with the remaining 50 minutes devoted to any other topic selected by the speaker.

For details, please click this link: 5-620 Law & Ethics Update Class


FIFEC is proud of its tradition of offering the very best in insurance fraud education and training from our outstanding speakers and we welcome your proposal.  Please consider sharing your knowledge and expertise with the insurance fraud investigative field.


Arson, Vehicle & Structure Fire Investigations

Property Claim Investigations

Chiropractic Treatment

Public Adjuster Fraud


Shared-ride claims

Evaluation of Low Impact Accidents

Social Media Investigations & Issues

Interviewing Techniques

Statements and EUO's

Marine Theft Investigations

Statutory & Case Law Updates

Metal Theft Investigations

Surveillance Techniques

Organized Crime Rings

Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Pertinent Legal Matters

Vehicle Theft, Locking and Security Systems

Premises Liability

Workers' Compensation Fraud

PIP/Medical Billing Fraud

Deadline Friday December 20th, 2019!

Who Should Submit?


We are interested in hearing from professionals in the insurance fraud prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution disciplines.   Working collectively to share and learn is the key to winning the fight against insurance fraud.  If appropriate, we ask potential conference speakers to consider including a Special Investigation Unit representative as a co-presenter.


Florida Approved Instructor Requirements:


Florida Department of Financial Services Bureau of Licensing 69B-228.060 Continuing Education Instructor Requirements: Every presentation must have at least one presenter who meets all of these criteria:


  • Registered with the Florida Department of Insurance as an instructor,
  • Experienced and qualified in the subject matter to be taught,
  • Qualified to act as an instructor in accordance with the criteria listed in paragraph (2)(a) or (b), below:


You may apply to become an approved CE instructor or locate your instructor number, if you already have one, by clicking this link:



Follow the prompts to find your instructor number and approved status. Please convert it to a PDF document to submit with your presentation proposal.

Courses Qualifying for Approval


The following courses shall qualify for approval:


1. Courses that are part of a national designation program named in the continuing education law, Section 626.2815, F.S., or

2. Any insurance-related course as referenced in subsection 626.2815(3), F.S.;

3. Courses with significant intellectual or practical content to enhance the insurance knowledge, understanding, ethics, or professional competence of the licensee;

4. Courses that promote an increase in technical knowledge of insurance principles, coverages, laws or regulations utilizing the most recent policy forms and laws.


Courses Not Qualifying for Approval - Courses that focus on the following topics will not be approved:


Preparing students for license examination;


General accounting, goal setting;

Computer use, or computer software application use;

Other general business skills;

Time or stress management;

Promotion or Marketing of vendor product or services;

Unauthorized copyrighted material;

Insurer internal organizational policies & procedures;

Sales, marketing or communication.


Supporting Documents:


The Primary presenter shall provide the following supporting documents after completing FIFEC’s online Call for Presentation Form:


1) A detailed, timed two-page tiered course outline on MS Word only consisting of:


a. Our class sessions run 100 minutes so the outline must be at least two pages long and total 100 minutes of instruction. A two-part class outline would cover 200 minutes of instructions in a minimum of four pages;


b. The outline should not contain any time dedicated to questions & answers as the state will not count this as approved instructional time;


c. The outline should state the time allotted for each segment;


d. Courses dealing with legal issues should list the applicable statutes, case citations or administrative codes in the corresponding section.


2) His or Her resume or CV (curriculum vitae);


3) A PDF copy of the speaker’s Florida instructor approval from the website cited above (Each course must have at least    one FL CE approved instructor);


4) A signed Speakers Agreement Form.  Download HERE.


Co-Presenters shall provide these supporting documents after completing FIFEC’s Co-Presenters Form:


1) His or her resume or CV (curriculum vitae);


2) A PDF copy of the speaker’s Florida instructor approval from the website cited above


3) A signed FIFEC Speakers Agreement Form.  Download HERE.





I submitted a proposal. Now what?


We will confirm the receipt of your proposal via e-mail. The FIFEC Speaker's committee will contact you to discuss further details if it determines that your presentation is a good fit for our conference.


For more information or to be added to the FIFEC's Call for Presentations e-mail announcements list, please e-mail us at speakers@FIFEC.org and add this e-mail to your safe senders list.  Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.




FIFEC appreciates the interest and willingness to participate in our conference. FIFEC receives more proposals than we are able to schedule due to space, time and budgetary constraints. FIFEC reserves the right to accept or decline any potential applicant, attendee, speaker, exhibitor and/or sponsor at our discretion.




Jesus Alvarez

Allstate Insurance Company, P. O. Box 228297, Doral, FL 33222

305-726-1362 Business Cell




Erica Godwin





Carmen Lambert

National General Insurance, P O Box 1623, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-1623

305-507-0674 Office


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